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c.c. péAN

pLANT bASED cHEF & Wellness Expert

What is Nutrition Coaching? Is it Right for Me?

My passion for cooking plant based meals inspired by the African Diaspora has taken me all across the globe. When I started my speaking career a few years ago, It really ignited a passion in me to create a platform to assist others in really recognizing how they can change their life simply by changing their diet. When I am not on a speaking engagement, or running my personal chef enterprises,  I have reserved that time for my clients to show them the transformational power of a plant based diet. 

My Approach

I don’t subscribe to the notion that one size fits all or even one size fits most. We are as individual as our fingerprints and so are our nutritional needs. There are no shortcuts to optimal health. Therefore, if it’s for an individual, family or event, I personally create your nutritional supplement plan, meal plan or menu to meet your specific needs. Whether it be: weight loss, weight maintenance, increased stamina, addressing inflammation and ejection fraction, cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension or any host of diseases, I work with you to address it through a plant-based diet and vegan supplements. While I am not a physician, I am not prescribing traditional medicine. Food is my medicine.

Diet Coaching
Sports Nutrition
Weight Loss
Vitamins & Suppliments

Honest Results

I am proud to say that I have had success with numerous clients in their quest for health.  

I had heard that Cynthia was doing vegan food prep and decided to give her a call. I took on a cleanse with the Sebi diet and I knew I needed help to be successful. 

The Sebi diet is much more restricted than a typical vegan diet, but Cynthia said, “no problem!” She made me the most delicious meals!! I actually looked forward to my lunch and dinners. She made sure I had plenty of options and I never got bored. 
I made a great decision with her and I would recommend her to EVERYONE!!
S. Robison

Owner, Southern Girl Desserts - Los Angeles CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Afcave by CC Pean?

Afcave is an amalgam of the words  African Carribean Vegan. It means a lot to me

Do you cater?

For catering and personal chef assignments please email

I love your fashion! where can i find your apparel?

For fashion and outfits you can shop at

Do you have a cookbook?

I am proud to annouce my debut cookbook available now on Kindle and Apple Books! You can find the links below



How do we get you for a speaking engagement

For appearances and speaking engagements please email

Do you have your own food line?

After years of cooking, and trying different dishes and pairings, I have developed my own signature seasoning line and sauses. For more information click here