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specializing in Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, Raw Vegan, Vegan, High – Alkaline (Dr.Sebi), Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Sugar-Free, Anti-Candida and flavors and cooking styles from the African Diaspora.



My Story

A first generation American of Liberian & Guyanese descent, CC literally grew up in the kitchen. “My mom MADE me sit in the kitchen and watch her cook.  At the time it felt like punishment, but it turned out to be a gift.”  Every night CC’s mother would fix a delicious fresh meal that incorporated the African, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and English flavors of her native Guyana. “I grew up in a vegetarian home eating foods like roti (a West Indian flatbread) curry, Chinese long beans and eggplant.” Her mother was planting the deep culinary traditions of Guyana and Liberia, that would sprout many years later.  What was once solely for enjoyment, became an avocation and passion.

Master Chef

CC received her culinary training from The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (NE) in Austin, Texas, and is trained and certified in Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Raw & Living Foods and Vegan modalities. CC interned with Executive Chef Michael Falso, (Pure Food & Wine, Del Posto, Matthew Kinney, Erewohn, Sunlife Organics) at The Springs LA, extending and deepening her competency in Raw Vegan cuisine, and she honed her allergy free cooking and baking skills under the tutelage of Alison Charbonneau of Natural Tasty Chef.  Most recently Cynthia served as the Research & Development Chef at The Springs LA, voted one of the best 15 vegan restaurants in the world, by Travel & Leisure Magazine..