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Born and reared in San Francisco, California by immigrants from Liberia, West Africa, and Guyana, South America, I came of age in the 70’s and 80’s, a time of immense cultural and social change in San Francisco. From as far back as I can remember, I was surrounded by different cultures and have always looked for similarities and distinct differences. I am passionate about Africa and the African Diaspora – food, foundation, and fashion. My love for the continent informs everything I do, my cooking style, how I decorate my personal space, and how I dress. As a first-generation American of African and Caribbean descent, I grew up surrounded by the culinary traditions, visual representations, and cultural practices that informed who I would become. In a nutshell, C.C. Pean as a brand is a love letter to the continent recognizing the majesty of Africa and its influence on world cuisine, design, and fashion.

My Services

Corporations, organizations, individuals, and celebrities have all benefited from C.C. Péan’s suite of services. See how she can help you or your organization!

Menu & Recipe Development

Do you have a brunch box full of goodies, but need recipes to bring it all together? I've got you covered.

Are you launching a food-truck or restaurant and need help creating a menu or need a particular recipe for your plant-based customers. Look no further.


C.C. is an internationally known expert voice on plant-based cuisine of Africa and the African Diaspora. She has been featured on The Today Show, she's presented for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the Plant-based Prevention of Disease Conference and has been featured the world over on the topic of African and Africa Diasporan cuisine through a plant-based lense. Known and appreciated for her warmth, depth of understanding and ability to connect the dots between culture and nutrition.

Cooking Classes / Demo

Booz Allen & Hamilton, Capital One, U.S. Dream Academy, Dine Diaspora. Buzzfeed/Tasty and many others have come to C.C. to provide an plant-based lense of the African continent and African Diaspora. C.C. has mastered the digital cooking class - engaging and guiding participants through the process of creating an African Diaspora inspired dish from the comfort of their home.

Private Chef Services

Celebrities, athletes, titans of industry and media execs has all hired C.C. to provide her unique, bespoke, inspired cuisine. You can too! Do you have a special occasion coming up? Contact us to find out our availability and pricing.

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